Paging through an old cookbook, some ingredients pop up again and again. They're the ones you always have in your pantry, and the ones your mother always had in her pantry, and your grandmother had in her pantry, and… you get the picture. We're so used to seeing them on our kitchen shelves that we often buy the same kinds over and over without stopping to consider alternatives. However, as we become more aware of what goes into our food—and into our bodies—it's time to give some of these products a second look to see if we can't find better options for ourselves and our families.

Fortunately, as brands become more aware of the need for real, natural foods, they're stepping up to provide organic alternatives to some of the most steadfast kitchen staples. Let's take a look at just a few of the new possibilities available—get ready to feel even better about that home-cooked meal!



Whether stir-frying or sautéing, olive oil is a must-have in any kitchen. Now, you can get the organic olive oil you love with the convenience of a spray to boot! PAM® Organic Olive Oil has all the richness and flavor of pure, organic olive oil without the heavy bottles or greasy mess of a traditional pour top.



Butter, as they say, makes everything better. With its myriad of uses—from going directly in a cookie recipe to coating a pan to topping your morning toast—it's worth finding a natural, organic alternative to this dairy staple. Earth Balance® Organic Whipped Buttery Spread fills all those needs while being organic, vegan, lactose-free, and non-GMO.



For salads, salsas, bruschettas, soups, pasta, omelets, and more, diced tomatoes are the jack-of-all-trades of vegetables (or fruits, if you want to get technical). Isn't anything in a can always highly processed, though? Not anymore. Hunt's® Organic Diced Tomatoes have all the versatility of your former canned veggies while being certifiably organic and non-GMO.



If heirloom recipes are part of your family’s story, you’re no different than the Blakes, who have been using natural ingredients since 1929. Their treasure trove of small-batch made-from-scratch organic meals includes pot pies, mac and cheeses, and more, and show that simple really is best—even in the freezer aisle.

Organic isn't just for produce anymore. As we become more conscious of our food, where it comes from, and what goes into it, it's important that we don't overlook the basic ingredients we're using every day. Next time you're loading up your cart, be sure you're choosing staples you can feel good about, and leave the chemicals behind. Mom and Grandma would be proud.

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